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Select this link for flyer on the current Wellness Centers classes... 

January 2020 El Beulah Wellness Center Class Descriptions.pdf

>> Strength and Balance Class - You asked for it… you’ve got it! Our valued members missed our previous start time for this class soooo… beginning on December 4th, the class will be held again from 10:00– 10:45! More exciting news... on that day, we will have a wonderful new instructor, Christy. Christy’s passion for senior wellness is so strong that she is leaving her corporate job to fulfill her wish to help others achieve overall health through movement! Her corporate career has been in compliance/operations in wealth management so this is a BIG CHANGE for her! Christy has a degree from IUPUI and 200 Yoga Teacher Training certification. She is an avid runner, having completed over 100 half and 11 full marathons and will run the Boston Marathon in 2020! She also enjoys yoga, reading, hiking, and above all, time with her family. She loves to build new relationships through wellness so stop into one of her classes and introduce yourself!

>> Gentle Mat Yoga - We will have a new instructor beginning Dec. and guess who it is?!?! Christy! See above for more info. Rumor has it that she may bring lavender oil to class! Time to relax and restore your body and mind.

>> Personal Fitness Training by Mr. Kay Johns is available at the Wellness Center; he will help you in the Gym with the latest training techniques to reach your goals. For more info/pricing, contact him at 317-408-7271. Everyone (especially the guys) should check out his John’s Warrior Workout class on Mondays in the Classroom from 1:00 -2:00.