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Movin and Groovin

Wed, March 1, 20176:00 PM - 6:20 PM

>>Movin and Groovin 2017 Contest– Sixty three of you have signed on to  participate in our 2017 fitness program, so far!  By popular request, we added a sign up sheet on the back of the board. The contest runs through April 1st, so it’s not too late to join in the fun!  To participate, just add your name on the board in the Gym.  Each time you visit the Wellness Center, initial/date your attendance.  Don’t skip any spaces on your line.  The top 7 attendees will be eligible for $$$/prizes!  Additional prizes will also be awarded in a random drawing in April.  But the real prize will be how you look and feel come spring!  Why not challenge yourself and your friends?!?! >>Movin & Groovin 2017 Meetings take place on Wed. from 6:00– 6:20pm.  Please join us to receive support from fellow members who discuss favorite recipes, share new healthy ideas/unique tips, and provide encouragement to meet goals.